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La locanda riaprirà l'8 Aprile 2023

Enjoy the silence, listen to the creek, walk slowly,

imagine yourself relaxing...



Welcome! Welcome to a place rich in magic and wrapped in nature, which will seduce you.

Welcome to a place where it is easy to feel far away from the daily routine, where you can find yourself again, and to breathe again.

Welcome to Lou Pitavin. We are at 1300 m. above sea level, in the Maira Valley, one of the most charming and hidden valleys in Italy. It is truly a pleasure to have you among us.


Walk slowly,

and reach unexplored places

The Cuisine

Lou Pitavin's cuisine is a continuous journey to discover the wonders of a gastronomy with ancient roots, handed down by mothers and grandmothers, as it encounters contemporary cuisine.

The Rooms

An enchanting natural landscape, the perfect symbiosis between traditional and modern architecture; the warmth of the “cirmolo” wood (Pinus Cembra) will offer you the sensation of harmony and well-being.

Once upon

a time...

Once upon a time there was an old, wise man.

The old man lived in a small hamlet in a distant valley, in a house made of wood and stones.

People like me know how much sweat, work, tears, joy, pain, and fantasy reside in those walls. This is why this place is so special (Macho)

This web site is dedicated to our fathers and to our friend, Macho

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Ci rivediamo
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La locanda riaprirà l'8 Aprile 2023

+39 ‭350 1470847

+39  0171 998188


Borgata Finello, 12020 Marmora CN - Piemonte . Italia

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