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The first ClimateHotel in West Italy

ClimateHotel for an sustainable Holiday …

ClimateHotel is a new seal of quality for a sustainable holiday and is founded on the protection of nature and its habitat, on a solid economic development and on an equal distribution of life opportunities.

ClimateHotel is aimed, therefore, to people who are aware of living in a sustainable way and wish to spend a holiday without giving up the pleasures of life, as well as people who are interested in culture and the environment and participate actively in the protection of nature.

This seal of quality is awarded by the CasaClima agency of the Independent Province of Bolzano only after numerous and prearranged controls, which happen right from the project phase right through to the set running of the hotel. A periodical inspection of the managing of the hotel guarantees that standards are maintained.

ClimateHotel is characterised by its intelligent use of energy and resources, it uses nature and follows the tradition and culture of the location, where service and quality are always in prime position.

Besides, the seal of quality Climate Hotel is based on a holistic approach and values the requisites of sustainability according to three main aspects:


The sustainability begins with Energy efficiency. Therefore, a ClimateHotel satisfies the high energetic necessities according to the CasaClima standard, needs reached through the optimisation of the shell of the building and the complex efficiency index of the building - plant system. To this regard it provides the way to a holistic approach even for what concerns the choice of materials. But, even in all the other environmental areas the efficiency of resources is the principal value.


A sustainable holiday in search of wellbeing and good health awaits all guests by means of the evaluation of environmental comfort and accessibility. Areas, both indoors and out, of high quality and safety are offered, as well as a first class service. The harmony with the scenery and the quest for authenticity create a tie between nature and culture. In the world of gastronomy the second principle is prevalent which can be enjoyed in loco, exploiting, for example, the richness of the local biological markets.


Sustainable management requires control and transparency. This is based on the wise choice of material, technologies and processes, which are orientated on the beauty and the durability and which guarantee a sustainable holiday.

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