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Our chef Valeria

a self-taught pro who loves to play new tricks with what nature has to offer

For you this will be a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the inimitable features of a cuisine entirely based on the secret recipes handed down from grandmothers and mothers to their nieces and daughters: the roots of a civilization with unique tastes offered to you on our tables.

Valeria, our Chef, is a connaisseur of all the herbs which grow in the wild around our Inn and in the nearby woods. She loves combining their aromas and tastes in ever-new combinations to confer a touch of magic to every dish she prepares.
She is also a maître-patissier. She loves deserts and sweets. Just try her spruce honeydew semifreddo or camomille semifreddo ...

La colazione a Lou Pitavin

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We believe this is true and that is why we devote a lot of attention and care to making it right.

All you find in our morning buffet is home-made: cakes, bread, rusk (twice-baked, sliced, slightly sweetened bread), jams and marmelades …

Cheeses, butter, salamis, juices, all come from small, neighbouring producers …

La colazione a Lou Pitavin
How we select our raw materials

Our phylosophy: we pursue what is good wherever it is to be found

We exclusively make use of local products manufactured by small producers who strictly abide by the season cycles the year round.

Our fruits and vegetables are grown in Marmora, San Damiano and Dronero. Our meats come from Caraglio. Our cheeses are made uphill and downdale in our valley. Our flours are milled at the Mulino della Riviera, nearby. Likewise for all of our basic ingredients and raw materials.

We acquire whatever other products need be imported from food suppliers which abide by the rules of fair and sustainable trade.

We firmly believe in the importance of what we eat. That is why we select our suppliers from a host of certified biological companies and small producers who strictly respect the agricultural biosystem and foster biodiversity

Our bread

All of the varieties of our bread are made with natural yeast, slow leavening, whole-wheat, savory flours, rich in fiber and baked in wood-fire ovens.

La colazione a Lou Pitavin
Our wine list

Marco, the owner, personally takes care of the wine list


With close to 300 labels to choose from, our list features the widest choice of wines from Piedmont’s winemakers. It also includes wines from small wineries from all over Italy and Europe. The list has been drawn with a view to include winemakers known for their painstaking care for grapes, and yearly enlarged to take in more and more organic and biodynamic brands and caves which do not make use of pesticides.

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