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The Guest House

Wood, Stone, Tradition

and Innovation


We have conceived and designed Lou Pitavin to host you in a cozy and familiar atmosphere. We have taken care of each detail, so that everything will be relaxing, enchanting and comforting.


Our rooms offer different options for your overnight accommodation: we have double, triple, quadruple rooms or dormitories to host groups, too, in a comfortable and pleasant way.


Lou Pitavin gives you the opportunity to discover the wonders of an ancient culinary tradition: the Occitan-Provenzal tradition, wisely reinterpreted: ravioles, civet, aïoli: unique moments of passionate cooking.


Lou Pitavin is the first certified hotel “ClimaHotel-KlimaHotel” in the northwest of Italy. A ClimaHotel is characterized for its smart use of energy, resources, and building materials. A sustainable holiday, respecting the valley's culture.



I believe that the little attentions give a pleasant impression to those arriving at Lou Pitavin; to know they have reached a place where hospitality is authentic and comes from the heart. I love my job, which is to welcome you and take care of you.

The Cuisine

Lou Pitavin's cuisine is a continuous journey to discover the wonders of a gastronomy with ancient roots, handed down by mothers and grandmothers, as it encounters contemporary cuisine.

The Rooms

An enchanting natural landscape, the perfect symbiosis between traditional and modern architecture; the warmth of the “cirmolo” wood (Pinus Cembra) will offer you the sensation of harmony and well-being.

We have designed and created our dream garden for you.


Each corner is a new discovery: we observe English roses blooming, chamomile growing, and we breathe in the thymus' scent.


Every day, we stop to observe if a new flower has bloomed during the night, and we never tire of observing the wonders of nature.


We are sure that you will be amazed, too, and you will be able to enjoy moments of silence and listen to the water and the wind, which will cradle you as you rest among the intoxicating perfumes.

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